Swimming With The Dolphins

dolphinsI immediately said ‘yes’ to swimming with dolphins at Wildquest on The Island of Bimini. All I knew was that there would be Osho meditations with Milarepa and the One Sky Band along with swimming with the dolphins. Too amazing to think about. So there was no thought about it, and I had no expectations. I had never done it before.

When the time came, more than anything I was concerned about being out in the powerful sea. When the wild dolphins were right next to me, looking at me, I felt like this is where I belonged. They were just there without any fanfare. They were not trying to show how friendly they are to people. They were simply moving, undisturbed by our presence. To add to the magic, when Sw. Vedam played his flute, the dolphins came.

priyaTo be with these divine creatures, to feel welcomed in their environment is more than I ever imagined I would experience in this life. It has to be that the healing power of wild dolphins is their silence. And as if the dolphins were not enough, we even did satsang on the boat. What to say, pure bliss. Words can never express the inexpressible.

I see now that my inner journey is what brought me to the Dolphins. They already are where I long to be.

Love, Ma Satya Priya